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Sand sculpture is a perfect addition to your festival or event. Our talented sand sculpting artists create beautiful and intricately detailed sculptures that delight and amaze people of all ages, carved from only compacted sand and water.

Sandstorm Events are the sand sculpting specialists, and have been lucky enough to have worked with over 350 clients on creating the perfect sculpture for the occasion. Sandstorm Events are also event management specialists and implement four major sand sculpture festivals and events around Australia each year.

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Sandstorm Events is the only event management company in Australia specialising in the professional delivery of the following:

  • Large-scale Sand Exhibitions
    Ranging from 500 – 4,500 tonnes.
    This is a proven tourism destination event that attracts visitation of up to 80,000 – 100,000 people.
  • Sand Sculpting Installations
    Ranging from 10 – 150 tonnes.
    Our professional sculptors can carve any theme or topic nominated by the client, thereby ensuring these installations integrate effortlessly into the programming of any event, festival or community celebration.
  •  Community Displays
    Your event audience can work alongside a professional sculptor(s) creating a 10 – 30 tonne community sculpture that can withstand the outdoor elements for up to 3 months if properly maintained.

Sand Sculpting Sand Safari Festival Installation

Sand Sculpting Australia Frankston Waterfront Crowd

Sand Sculpting Australia Frankston Waterfront Crowd

Sand Sculpting Festival T-Rex Dinosaur Installation

Sand Sculpting Festival T-Rex Dinosaur Installation



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